Evaluating the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Your Systems and Network


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Metadata Engineering’s team experts will get your business up-to-speed in technology, security, and IT business processes using a variety of tools and techniques. Through network analysis software, system logs,  performance metrics, and much more, Metadata Engineering is here to ensure that your business is protected and optimized for success. 

Technology Assessments

Organizations struggle building and maintaining an accurate representation of their technology stack. Without this critical information, preparing for the future can be challenging. Metadata Engineering focuses on gathering a full understanding of an organization’s technology, how it is used within the business, and help provide insight, ensuring technology achieves business goals

Security Assessments

The Metadata Engineering Security assessments focus on delivering a comprehensive security evaluation marrying practices from both our Technology assessments and Business ITSM assessment into a full compliance documentation.

We will help create a plan that will prepare an organization for compliance standards and help expose any gaps in an organization that would leave them vulnerable to risks to their business. We can help with a wide variety of audits ranging from simple to the most complex

Business ITSM Assessments

To have a well oiled and running IT department, understanding goals and objectives is essential. The Business ITSM Assessment is built from the ground up using ITIL framework, providing guide rails around cost, efficiency and planning. Metadata Engineering teams with Technology Leaders to understand the expectations and delivers a roadmap to achieve business goals and success

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