Cloud Computing

Why Are People Flooding the Cloud?

Cloud Computing

There Are 3 Major Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Movement of IT Expenses From Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) to Operational Expenditures (OPEX)

With cloud computing, businesses can forego the initial investment of computer hardware and on-site-housing and even save on additional physical costs such as cooling, fire protection and security.

Improvement of Service Quality

Cloud data centers are run by IT experts who live and breathe infrastructure maintenance and support.

Access to New Technologies & Services

Emerging tech requires large amounts of computing resources which can be accessed more easily and at a lower cost with cloud technology.

Cloud Computing

The Benefits

There Are 5 Major Technical Benefits of Cloud Computing
Cloud service providers (CSPS) offer a highly scalable environment with access to all of the cloud computing resources you need…as long as you pay for it.

Organizations can add the resources they, when they need it, without worrying about delays due to CSP processes or staffing.

Rapid elasticity of resources allows you to scale up and down when needed, eliciting the need to maintain additional infrastructure, which may only be utilized under peak workloads.

Cloud services are metered, which means your usage is measured and you only pay for services you use, allowing your organization to adjust its resources based on load changes and business needs.

Field services can be deployed to different locations as needed, which allows businesses to adapt to changing customer needs and requirements.

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