Weak cybersecurity is a business risk, not just an IT problem


The Value of Your Business Data

The Value of Your Business Data

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you experienced a data breach and your critical business, employees, vendor, and customer data were ransomed – or made available on the dark web?

How would your staff, vendors, and customers react when you notify them of the breach, as required by law?

And what would a ransomware or cyberattack do to your personal and professional reputation? You simply cannot establish a value for your data – but you can take measures to protect yourself from risk.
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The percentage of cyberattacks that target small businesses.

– Small Business Trends

Why You Need Cybersecurity

The Number of Individuals That Have Accidentally Sent Sensitive Information to the Wrong Person
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Number of Senior Managers Admit to Regularly Uploading Work Files to a Personal Email or Cloud Account
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Corporate Breaches Involve Weak or Stolen Passwords
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Confirmed Data Breaches Involved a Weak, Default, or Stolen Password
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Secure your infrastructure, devices, platforms and services against security threats.

Employees are the weakest link in your business security, ongoing security awareness training and testing will strengthen your defenses.

Achieve regulatory and industry security compliance with hardened security.

A strong security posture increases business productivity and accelerates innovation.

Disaster Recovery

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Our Process

Discovery Meeting

Security Assessment

Analysis, Remediation and Training Plan

How it Works

We’ll conduct a discovery meeting to understand your particular business compliance and security requirements and concerns. We’ll next schedule a technical specialist to visit your location(s) and conduct a security assessment to scan your infrastructure with our non-invasive tools and processes to identify internal and external vulnerabilities and data that should be secured and encrypted, as well as identify if any of your business data, email accounts or passwords have been compromised and are available on the Dark Web.

Once we’ve collected this threat intelligence, we’ll analyze it to develop a strategy to harden and secure your infrastructure, devices, platforms and services from external attack, and monitor your systems for rapid threat detection. From there, we’ll put together an ongoing security awareness training and testing program to educate your staff in how to identify and avoid electronic and socially-engineered security threats. 

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Once we’ve agreed to engage, a security discovery meeting can be scheduled within 2 weeks. Following our discovery meeting, we’ll be able to schedule an onsite security assessment within the following week.

For a typical small office location, our onsite security assessments can usually be completed in 2 days. It will take us approximately a week to analyze the information gathered during the discovery meeting and the technology assessment. We’ll be able to meet with you the following week to deliver our findings and recommendations.

Week One:
Discovery Meeting

Week Two: Security Assessment

Week Three: Analysis and Remediation Plan

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